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Hay World Cargo offer a comprehensive range of Customs Clearance services covering both UK import and export entry processing. In order that we may compete declarations to the customs authorities correctly please complete this form:

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I have read and accept that Hay World Cargo Limited undertake all business under the Standard Trading conditions BIFA 2005 edition

Please advise the commodity code of your goods.
- Are your goods subject to any special procedures?
- IPR, OPR,CFSP, Licence's, Preferences, ADD CAP, Export restrictions/Dual Use Preference, EUR ATR other?
- Are your goods subject to additional charges? i.e. Commission, Agency, Insurance Premiums Other ?

Please enter procedures and tariff numbers etc. :
Guidance on commodity codes can be obtained from the Customs Tariff Help line (01702 366077) or consult the on line tariff here

Please note it is your legal duty to advise us of the commodity code(s) and any other relevant information in relation to declarations we make on your behalf to H M Revenue and Customs. You are also obliged to advise immediately of any change of circumstance that may materially effect declarations made on your behalf.

I, on behalf of the above named company herewith give authorisation for Hay World Cargo Limited to act as our direct representative to H.M. Revenue & Customs for the completion of customs declarations. For more information about direct representation please read this document on the HMRC Web site.

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